It’s time to come to Aveiro…

OLA Aveiro, primarily thought out as a dissemination event for the Online Learning Agreement mobility tool that is being developed within the OLA project, will include some additional presentations about Collaborative Projects,  Personal Learning Environments (PLE) and Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs). It will be a great opportunity to network and discuss some of the current trends that are helping reshape higher education practices and policies.

Let’s face it. It´s time do come to Aveiro.

Invited keytalks:


And if you’re still not convinced…here are a couple or more reasons to come to OLA Aveiro and spend a day at the University of Aveiro.

Video credits: Blade Cam



  • I know that your expecting this to be a warm, funny and insightful testimonial about OLA Aveiro. Instead this is straight-forward invitation to come to Aveiro and join us at our Online Learning Agreement dissemination event. But wait! There’s more. Just take a look at our program and you’ll see what I mean.

    Rui Raposo